About Us

Fizzeology is committed to strengthening our local community by sourcing ingredients from small, local, organic farms. Our mission is to raise health awareness, one gut at a time, marketing real foods in harmony with nature.

We passionately produce delicious healthful foods that supply energy to the body and aid natural detoxification, while educating the public as to the benefits of eating raw, fermented, local and organic foods.

kyle Fizzeology

Meet Kyle

Maya with Kyle – Our packaging specialist.

After recovering from a traumatic brain injury for over 20 years, Kyle was looking for the right job.

Fizzeology is so blessed to have found Kyle, he brings joy and commitment to his work. He joined our team fall 2015.

ladies of Fizzeology

The Ladies Of Fizzeology

Faith with her daughters- Maya and Isis

The Fizzeology Family is made up of positive, passionate, healthy people who believe in what we do.

We are committed to uncompromising quality and take pride in our work.

We are passionate about social, environmental wholeness. Fizzeology, to owner Faith Anacker, is a great way to integrate her many passions and live by her guiding principles!

Faith - Fizzeology

Meet Dr. Fizz –
Owner of Fizzeology.

Faith Anacker

Faith Anacker, owner of Fizzeology Foods is committed to social justice and sustainable life practices. Following dozens of NGO’s and researching her many interests to learn how she can best serve her community.

Faith offers lectures and workshops about fermentation, wise traditional lifestyle, holistic health and consumer awareness to support her mission of raising health awareness with Fizzeology Foods.

Having hand built her homestead and landscape with her husband she is acutely aware of working within her means. Realizing that sometimes slower is better, her intention is to build strong community relationships, with priorities focused on integrity, education and impeccable quality.

Relationships are what tie her passions together- connecting body, mind and spirit. She loves learning through practice and connecting through the exchange of information. Fizzeology is a great way to integrate Faith’s many passions and live by her guiding principles!

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