small family csa


Small Family CSA is the most authentic CSA around! They are just as the name implies, a real family living the good life! It is such a pleasure to work with them. If you want to learn from the best- join their CSA, get the best food around!


Harmony Valley is a large CSA. They have been at it for a long time and have got it down! They have many employees and can deliver lots of food to lots of people while keeping impeccable quality. They are also wonderful people! They are one of a few farms that grow burdock, and they grow A LOT of it! It has been wonderful to work with them, they are a model of how a bigger farm can operate.



Community Hunger Solutions are our friends and neighbors at the Food Enterprise Center.

They are local hero’s, creating a model to reduce waste in our region.

We work closely with them, purchasing the excess cabbage seconds that they receive so they may have more purchasing power for other crops.

Please consider helping them glean the estimated 50% of produce waste in our rich farm region.


I can’t give you a link or photo of the lovely Amish farms where we get most of our cabbage because it is against the rules! We found some of the sweetest, most beautiful farms, nestled in the driftless valleys to buy our cabbage. We are pleased to provide a market for their otherwise often wasted cabbage seconds.

“Seconds” cabbage are not the perfect retail cabbage. Some are smaller and some are larger. These cabbage are very good quality and we are very glad that we have a use for them. Our Amish farmers work very hard and rarely profit from the care they put into their farming.

I have found the Amish I work with to be exceptionally friendly and very easy to work with! They have been super helpful and clear in all our interactions!

Please visit again soon, we will add more info about the folks in our neighborhood that grow our food!

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