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Fizzeology Foods provides wholesome raw cultured products to consumers while educating
the public about the benefits of eating raw, fermented, local and organic foods.

Foods rich with probiotic properties are sought by the world over as people begin to remember the important relationship diet provides to overall health.
Fermented foods are found in all cultures and have been a key component in our evolution.

Celebrate  Ancient  Wisdom — Go  Fermental !

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Before I joined the Weston A Price chapter in Madison I didn’t realize the vital role microbes in our gut play in our physical and mental health. There is approximately a 2lb organ of foreign bacteria and yeast in the adult gut.  These trillions of bacteria and yeast digest much of our food and return activated vitamins, neuro-transmitters, immune modulators and many other vital components our body requires. It turns out that without a robust and symbiotic array of bacteria and fungi the lining of the intestine is at risk from overgrowth of the pathogenic bacteria and their toxic byproducts.  This a key part of the root of most chronic western diseases such as immune system over response, allergies, irritable bowel diseases, acid reflux, diabetes, heart disease, general inflammation/fatigue/pain and potentially is even one of the root causes of depression and other mental health issues.


As a mental health nurse, patient advocate, and holistic lifestyle coach I recommend to nearly all patients that they begin adding fermented foods to their diet as soon as possible, take a robust 10+ straing probiotic, and begin cutting out processed sugars and grains which feed the pathogenic bacteria and yeast.  This should be done while increasing the omega 3 and healthy medium chain and saturated fat intake (Animal fat doesn’t cause heart disease!).  After moving to Viroqua in June of 2015 I fell in love with having a gallon of local Fizzeology kimchi on hand at all times and spread the word like wildfire about the delicious products they produce.  My favorite is the Kickapoo Kimchi thanks to it’s kick!   It turns out that as compared to the billions of probiotic cultures available in a standard off the shelf probiotic, there are Trillions of bacteria per tablespoon and it’s delicious with anything from eggs to pot roast.   I can’t say enough good things about Fizzeology and the local and incredibly health inducing fermented foods they produce.  Thanks for what you do!

Joshua Estep RN BSN
Womb to Tomb Wellness LLC




We offer a range of fermented products:

Our products are live communities packed with probiotics, enzymes and great flavor. We make each batch with love and the  well being of consumers in mind. We choose to source our ingredients from small, local organic farms & CSA’s who are our friends and neighbors.

We use the most vibrant, nutrient dense root crops of the season, blend with intentions to create what we feel is some of the most healing and nourishing food imaginable.

You know, it is very likely that all traditional cultures realized the benefits of incorporating raw, fermented vegetables into their diet several times per day to keep their intestinal bacteria in optimal condition,  to process other foods as well as responding to environmental  threats to the system.

  • Our products are available in pints, quarts and gallons.
  • We ship with Spee-dee delivery throughout our bio-region in full case volume.
  • We offer wholesale, retail and distributor pricing.

Naked- Just local, just Cabbage, just like Grandma used to make!
Made with Organic Driftless Region cabbage and real salt.



Kickapoo Kimchi – Traditional Korean superfood made with burdock from the Kickapoo Valley.

Cabbage, carrots, onions, red pepper, black spanish radish, daikon, parsnips, burdock, ginger, garlic and real salt.



German-Traditional style Sauerkraut.
Made with cabbage, caraway seeds, juniper berries and real salt.




Kickapoo Cordito- Latin style Kraut.
Made with cabbage, carrots, red peppers, onions, oregano, cilantro, lime juice, red chili peppers and real salt.


Seasonal Ferments- Seasonal taste adventure with wild foods and local produce.
Click on the Seasonal Ferment Product page to find ingredients.

Fizzeology Seasonal Ferments are packed with the abundance of the season.



Healthy food — enhances good health: We are dedicated to improving health as a way to help people live to their full potential. For ages 1 to 101! Eating our raw, fermented foods provide a range of health benefits:

  • Natural support of Immunity & Digestion with every forkful!
  • Help you feel more energetic and emotionally stable
  • Assists body’s natural detoxification process
  • Promotes sleep and calm behavior
  • Super-charges and assists in digestion!
  • Adding fermented veggies to your daily diet reinforces your immune system



Here is a listing of the local stores where you can find our product:

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For stores, buyers and distributors:

Interested in carrying our product? Contact us here to find out more and what we offer:

TEL: (608)638-FIZZ
EMAIL: fizzeology@gmail.com


Fizzeology is committed to strengthening the local community by sourcing ingredients from small, local, organic farms. Fizzeology’s mission is to raise health awareness, one gut at a time marketing real food products, in harmony with nature.

Want our team to come demo our products at your store, market or event?

Contact us here to find out about our offerings, deals and promotional packages, customizable for your store, market or event:

TEL: (608)638-FIZZ
EMAIL: fizzeology@gmail.com

Our Team:

The Fizzeology Family is made up of positive, passionate, healthy people who believe in what we do.

We are committed to uncompromising quality and take pride in our work. We are passionate about social & environmental wholeness. We encourage businesses to support community by focusing on relationships, rather than profit. Every person has a right to contribute to community and by hiring someone with a disability, we can to our part to strengthen our community. To owner Faith Anacker, Fizzeology is a great way to integrate her many passions and live by her guiding principles! Tune into Faith’s blog to learn more about these principles.

Meet Dr. Fizz — Faith Anacker, Owner of Fizzeology:

FaithFaith Anacker, owner of Fizzeology Foods is committed to social justice and sustainable life practices. She passionately follows dozens of NGO’s and researches her many interests to learn how she can best serve her community. Faith is available to speak at your local event, community gathering, market or school, about various topics. She offers lectures about fermentation, wise traditional lifestyle, and consumer awareness as well as collaborative Fermentation workshops. Want to learn more about the “Fizzeology Philosophy of Relationships”? Just ask Dr. Fizz!

Contact us here to have Faith speak at your next event:

TEL: (608)638-FIZZ
EMAIL: fizzeology@gmail.com

We Work With and Support Our Local Community:

Fizzeology Foods seeks to create a sustainable economic business model from farmer to consumer and neighbor-to-neighbor, providing local farmers a fair price.

By keeping our business local, we support the small-town and rural economy of our region. 

In addition, Fizzeology Foods supports local social and environmental organizations by giving money and time to causes that resonate with us.




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