healthy products…

organic ingredients…

sourced from local farms…

healthy produce for a healthy lifestyle…

made with love from our team…

fermented to perfection…

served up with a great meal…

farm to table… Fizzeology is healthy and tastes great!!

Let your food be your medicine!


We offer a range of hand-crafted, fermented foods.

Our products are available in pints, quarts and gallons. We ship with Spee-dee delivery throughout our bio-region in full case volume. We offer wholesale, retail and distributor pricing…



We make each batch with love and the well-being of consumers in mind.

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Fizzeology Foods provides wholesome raw cultured products to consumers, while educating the public about the benefits of eating raw, fermented, local and organic foods.








Aug 5-7, 2016: Permaculture Conference The Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence is a yearly event that brings people together to network, build community, skill share and celebrate life.
Check out the line up....

Kinstone S3439 Cole
Aug 24-26, 2016: Edible Startup Conference The Edible Startup Conference is a three day conference to provide you with the knowledge and connections to help launch a food business. Faith from Fizzeology will be an a panel with other great food entrepreneurs about Trendy Food business form
Oct 1-9, 2016: Fermentation Fest Fermentation Fest is our all time favorite event of the year! We had such a blast vending on the food chain! It is such a treat to meet folks from all over the WORLD- Hearing your stories is what keeps Fizzeology fermenting! Thanks to Wormfarm for letting

Fizzeology Foods provides wholesome raw cultured products
to consumers while educating the public about the benefits
of eating raw, fermented, local and organic foods.

Fermented foods are found in all cultures and have been a key component in our evolution.

Foods rich with probiotic properties are sought by the world over as people begin to remember the important relationship diet provides to overall health.

Celebrate  Ancient  Wisdom ——————- Go Fermental !

“Driftless Richness… We are so grateful for the amazing talent in the driftless region!

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Better believe it!!!

HEADS UP: Powerful knowledge comin through...;)

#Fizzeology #GutHealth #ProbioticPower
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Did you know that your stomach is the equivalent to a small pet's brain? Here's how you can improve your gut health:

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Had a rockin experience at my first demo at SUPERCHARGE! Foods!

Great juice, great people, Outstanding atmosphere!!

Lots of energy in that place!! Love the vibe

Thanks to Aubree Saia with Inspired Alchemy, LLC for sharing the space. Her chocolate truffles are out of this world!
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Your tastebuds and gut with thank you for eating Fizzeology Foods! Their fermented veggies are locally sourced and handcrafted to be a flavorful, super-healthy addition to your diet. "We strive to u...

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“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.“

- Hippocrates, M.D., 460-377 B.C., Father of Western Medicine
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Day #2 of the Midwest Foodservice Expo in Milwaukee! After a snowy start yesterday, the sun brightened up the day today! Thanks to Sno-Pac Farms & Artisan Deli sauerkraut for braving the snow & b...

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